Why us

Why us

You just need the right attitude such as: passion, motivation, commitment, dedication, energy and the will to succeed

Why should you join our Academy?

  • Innovative teaching method to become a high level professional;
  • Practical, short and intensive hands-on trainings;
  • The opportunity to train, study and live on our magnificent domain.
  • Training under supervision of the world renowned butler Kristiaan Polgar;
  • Increase your value to employers;
  • No previous training or experience is required: beginners and professionals are welcome
  • A quick Return on Investment;
  • Guaranteed exclusive contract with VIP & Butler Services for high achievers;
  • Presentation of graduates to our partners;
  • We train in small groups to guarantee you personal attention;
  • Master classes by world renowned partners;
  • World recognized Certificate

Mission statement of our Academy:

  • We are globally active to teach all the fundamental skills to students as we prepare individuals for the butler industry.
  • We educate and train as believe in real professional service.
  • Our certificate is recognised worldwide
  • Our graduates are the elite in the hospitality industry
  • We consistently meet the high demands of the hotels, companies, resorts, lodges and modern households.

The most exhaustive training in scope - when you graduate you will be able to work in different quality service related positions and working fields.
Become part of the Hospitality & Butler Academy family, that will keep on supporting you, long after you have graduated.
No other school offers such an intensive training. After this training you are ready to take your career to the next level!

Do you want to become an internationally recognized service professional?

Enroll now and ensure your place