Terms & Conditions HBA Uganda

1) Definitions

In this contract the following definitions apply;
“Company” means VIP & Butler Services ltd, aka Hospitality & Butler Academy aka HBA.
“Student” means the individual who’s attending a course run by the Company.
“Training” means teaching undertaken by the Company
“Course” means a period of time where the Company will be undertaking training of the Student.
“Course Fee” means the fee that has been agreed between the Student and the Company for the relevant Course.
Costs for accommodation and travel expenses are not included.
“Authorized personnel of the Company” includes all tutors including personnel employed by HBA and also external consultants offering specific training.

Unless the context requires otherwise, references to the singular include the plural.
The headings contained in this Contract are for convenience only and doesn’t affect their interpretation.

2) The Contract

These terms and conditions constitute the Contract between the Company and the Student and are deemed to be accepted by receipt of a completed application form together with a deposit of the Course Fee.

3) Payment Terms / Cancellations and Refunds

  • The Course Fees will be outlined to the Student and are all inclusive.
  • Courses can be residential, however this is not mandatory.
  • Full payment of the Course Fee is required to secure a place on a course.
  • The Course Fee is payable in full 45 days in advance of Course start date.
  • Unless the Course Fee is payable in full 45 days in advance of the Course start date, the Company reserves the right to refuse admission to the Course and to allocate the place to another person.
  • A deposit of 50% is required with enrollment. All amounts paid are non-refundable, except the theoretical butler course is refundable after the first module. All other amounts can be credited towards the next similar course within a year period from the date of deposit.
  • Photos of students will appear on our website as well as TV and other productions will be featured on our website which have been taken during the course. Should a student not wish to have photos or any other production on HBA website, then this must be in writing before the course starts.

4) Course Materials and Copyright

  • The Course Fee includes the cost of all other materials which are supplied before and during the course.
  • HBA is the copyright owner of all course materials with the exception of materials clearly published by third parties. The Company’s copyright materials may only be used by the person attending the Course for their personal use and not be passed onto a third party.
  • The Course content may vary due to unforeseen circumstances and training venue may change from time to time.

5) Assessment and Certificates

Assessment is continuous during all courses and will be conducted by Authorized Personnel of the Company. Students must reach accepted levels of skills in order to be awarded by the prestigious Certification. The decision to award certificates is made by HBA Principal and all decisions are final.

6) Equal Opportunities

The Company adheres to a strict Equal Opportunities Policy in the provision of its training.

7) Future Opportunities

  • The Company doesn’t guarantee to find a Student work following the provision of Training.
  • The Company guarantees for butler graduates above 90% an exclusive contract with VIP & Butler Services.
  • If a Student seeks employment and wish to enlist the services of HBA they must register independently with Recruitment HBA.

8) Liability

The Company shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, expense, damage, delay, costs or compensation (whether direct, indirect or consequential) which may be suffered or incurred by the Student arising from or in any way connected with the Company providing training. For the avoidance of doubt, the Company doesn’t exclude liability for death or personal injury arising from its own negligence.

Tea and coffee as well as biscuits and light lunch can be provided on the Course. It’s the responsibility of the Student to clearly indicate any food allergies or special dietary requirements to the Company prior to the commencement of the Course. The Company can’t accept any liability for illness as a result of non-disclosure of this information.

The Company will comply fully with its responsibilities of all aspects of Health & Safety legislation.

9) Law

This contract is governed by the law of Uganda and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Uganda.