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International Hospitality Training

A professional hospitality service provider acts as the key figure for all clients or guests. He/she delivers exceptional service with an eye for detail. He/she ensures that not only all wishes of the guests or clients are fulfilled, but that their expectations are also exceeded. During this training you will learn the tips & tricks of this profession.

A hospitality service provider delivers a personal service in a discreet and subtle way. He/she is always focused on providing guests with an extremely comfortable time. This training deals with all aspects of this demanding job.

No less than 150 themes are covered in the course of this training that lasts two weeks. You will be trained to handle all guests with care, from arrival to departure, without forcing yourself. The required attention to detail and the ability to anticipate the needs of the clients or guests are a crucial part of the curriculum.

It's not possible to list all 150 items of the program here, but we'll include:

  • hospitality standards;
  • communication skills;
  • personal development;
  • etiquette and manners;
  • anticipation;
  • operation;
  • wines and spirits;
  • etc.

All students will be provided with the following basic uniform package of the Academy.

  • 2 trousers,
  • 2 shirts (man) or blouse (woman),
  • 1 tie,
  • 1 bow tie,
  • 1 waistcoat.

The following items must be foreseen by the student:

  • black socks
  • black leather belt (optional)
  • black shoes (gentlemen) of stylish shoes with heels (max. 4 cm)

Note: Every morning there's a uniform inspection

Type of training: theory & practical
Curriculum: more than 150 topics
Start training: to be determined - waiting list
Duration: 2 weeks
Certification: Prestigious International Certificate signed by Head Butler Kristiaan Polgar
Investment: click here
Rooms & meals: on request

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