General etiquette

General etiquette workshop

Managing general etiquette rules makes life much easier. You know perfectly how to behave in the most diverse situations. You are confident and have everything under control. A very nice feeling ...

The rules of etiquette apply always and everywhere. Even in most common situations, culture-related civility rules and manners apply.
This is also normal if you know that etiquette is essentially about taking into account the feelings of others.

Etiquette can be complicated, very complicated. In this workshop, however, we keep it practical and clear.
We create order in the many rules and provide tips and background information so you can apply the topics in practice.

We deal with themes such as :

  • getting acquainted,
  • greeting and conversing,
  • dress code,
  • table manners,
  • behavior at parties,
  • choosing gifts,
  • giving and receiving,
  • international manners,
  • etc.

This course aims at people who want to familiarize themselves with a basic knowledge of general etiquette in order to shine in every situation politely and confidently.

Groups are welcome. Companies can book this workshop as a teambuilding.
Individual participants can apply for the open workshops.

You can choose a 2 to 3-hour workshop or a masterclass of 1 day in which we handle the subject deeper.


  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Investment: tbd
  • Groups: tbd
  • Inclusive: coffee & tea, water, juice, prestigious certificate of participation


  • Duration: 1 day
  • Investment: tbd
  • Groups: tbd (minimum 6 persons)
  • Inclusive: light lunch, coffee & tea, water, juice, prestigious certificate of completion

You want to become confident in life?

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