Frequently Asked Questions


What are the entry criteria?

  • You must provide a valid ID or passport with photo
  • You must provide a valid address
  • You must be able to pay for the course
  • Your overall application is reviewed and approved by the admissions team.

Is there any practical work experience?

  • There is practical work experience during the course

What are the qualifications of the trainers?

  • The criteria for becoming a trainer at VIP & Butler Academy is very strict.

Who are the trainers?

  • Please see the individual resumes of the trainers posted on our website.

To what extent does the school assist in placing graduates?

  • We support our graduating students 100% either through our own network or through our partners.
  • VIP & Butler Services provides an exclusive contract for the best students.

Are there documents to sign about setting out rights and expectations?

  • Yes there are. These documents are given to the students on their first day of class and is fully reviewed with the students and a school representative.
    All students are then required to sign off on this document as having it fully comprehended.

Does the school have a refund policy?

  • Students who are expelled due to their own negligence or choose to leave before the end of the course are not entitled to a refund of any kind.
  • In case of a personal situation, reschedule, fall ill,... which forces you to postpone may be applied towards a future training program.

What is the investment for a 2-week training?

  • The investment for a 2-week training is $ 500 + uniform $ 100

Is there a discount on the courses?

  • There's no discount on the courses separately.

Is there a dress code during the courses?

  • Yes. Men and women must wear the uniform of VIP & Butler Academy, black socks and black shoes
  • The uniform (2 trousers, 2 shirts, 1 tie, 1 bow tie, 1 waistcoat) will be provided by the Academy.

Do you offer accommodation?

  • It's not included in the price, but we're happy to accommodate you in our guesthouse.

Where does the course take place?

  • The training will take place on our private property in Kampala.

What are the requirements to become a student?

  • You must speak and understand English.
  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • There are no requirements concerning prior education or experience.
  • You must have the passion for service, a positive attitude and personality.
  • Age and gender are not important.


  • Yes, you will receive our prestigious certificate after graduation.

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