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About us

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Thank you for visiting Hospitality & Butler Academy.
We trust that your experience with our courses will not only be challenging but also very beneficial to you as a person.
Because we believe that the journey you are about to undertake in becoming a high-level service provider or butler, is a highly rewarding one.
After you have completed our courses, a whole new world will open up to you, that few people have ever seen, let alone experienced.
Our course is your entry ticket into the world of high-level quality service.

Our Hospitality & Butler program is designed to help you study in an environment in which you feel comfortable and under supervision of your personal mentor.
We will not only teach you the theoretical understanding that every high level service provider needs to have, we will also equip you with the necessary practical skills to function in a day to day household, in a hotel, in a company, on a yacht or a private jet.

The end goal of our courses is to help you find your dream job within the field of personal service and butlering.
The students who will graduate from the full program with a minimum level of 90% are the ones who can start their career at VIP & Butler Services.
Our graduates under 90% will be accompanied towards a job at one of our partners, national or international.

This is what sets us apart from all of our competitors. We are the only academy in this field that will practically guide you towards a real job within the field of high end service.
Good luck, don’t forget to enjoy yourself while studying.

Let me welcome you to the elite club of Hospitality & Butler Academy.

Kristiaan Polgar

Founder & Managing Director
Hospitality & Butler Academy

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