Training VIP housekeeper - 2 weeks

VIP Housekeeper training - 2 weeks

A VIP housekeeper is not just a cleaning aid. He or she works in exclusive settings and has to take into account high standards in daily tasks. This training gives you the necessary know-how to get started as a VIP household help.

This training is intended for anyone who wants to work as a VIP housekeeper in a hotel setting or a private household.

Some households or hotels require a different level of domestic help. The basic maintenance and polishing remains, but due to the type of interior and environment, other, higher requirements are placed on your knowledge. For example, you need to know how to handle high-quality materials such as marble, porcelain, artwork, etc. You need to know how to correctly apply specialized polishes.

Of course, you are also expected to play a full role in the household in a subtle way. Often you will be part of a larger service team led by a household manager or head butler.

During this two-week training course, we will go deeper into more than 150 subjects of which we are convinced that you must master these to perform at the highest level every day. After this you are ready to start as a VIP housekeeper.

Type: Theory + practice
Duration: 2 weeks
Meals: light lunch + drinks included (coffee, tea, water, fruit juice)
Certificate: yes
Investment: € 2,250

You have the fulfillment of a clean environment?

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