Private jet air host(ess) - cabine crew

Private jet air host(ess) - cabine crew - 5 days

The training for flight attendant for private jets lasts a total of five days, of which three days are taken by lessons and training. We fill in the two remaining days with travel.

We focus on two important aspects of the job. First and foremost we deal with themes such as function, specific skills, materials and resources. In addition, we strongly focus on managing your private aircraft, etiquette and providing exceptional service.

We introduce gourmet food, wines, champagne, spirits and luxury brands. We familiarize you with the practical application of modern presentation techniques of dishes. We highlight modern concepts and offer ideas to amaze and continuously exceed the expectations of your guests.

During the training you will have the opportunity to visit a private jet (according to availability).

Type: theory + practice

Duration: 5 days, of which 3 days of training and 2 days of traveling

Certificate: yes
Meals + drinks included
Investment: on request

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