Private training

Junior butler training - 4 weeks

A junior butler has the basic knowledge to get started as a butler under the supervision of a head butler or household manager. During this four-week training you will acquire all the skills expected from a junior butler.

During this 4-week course you will receive both theoretical and practical lessons. You'll learn the basic knowledge to get started as a junior butler.

You will learn to welcome guests and how to get housekeeping techniques under control. You'll expand your knowledge in the field of table arrangement, wines, spirits and cigars. During the training you participate in field trips to get to know the story behind the products. You also take part in various master classes. These are specific one-day training sessions. Think of the different aspects of etiquette such as business etiquette, table etiquette, etc.

During the course for hotel butler, the following dress codes applies to all participants:

  • Dark gray (anthracite) costume. It is possible to purchase this via the school.
  • Black socks
  • Black leather belt (optional)
  • White shirt with double cuff (men) or blouse (ladies)
  • Black Oxford shoes (men) or stylish shoes with heels (max 4 cm)

Those who complete the entire training program, that is, theoretical training + junior butler training + physical butler training, are offered a contract with VIP & Butler Services.
Of course you're free to follow the training separately, but a contract from VIP & Butler Services is only reserved for those who complete the entire cycle successfully.

Type: theory + practice
Course date: in consultation
Duration: 4 weeks
Certificate: Yes
Included meals & drinks: light lunch, coffee, tea, water, fruit juice
Residential: not required
Investment: € 4.900 (excl. 21% VAT) - VAT taxes are not applied to foreign companies

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