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Hotel butler training - 2 weeks

The hotel butler acts as the key figure for hotel guests. He delivers exceptional service with an exceptional eye for detail. He ensures that not only all the wishes of the hotel guests are fulfilled, but that their expectations are also exceeded. During the training for hotel butler you will learn the tips and tricks of this profession.

Een hotelbutler levert een persoonlijke service op een discrete en subtiele manier. Hij is er steeds op gefocust om de gasten een uiterst comfortabel verblijf te bezorgen. De opleiding voor hotelbutlers gaat in op alle aspecten van deze veeleisende job. Niet minder dan 150 thema's komen aan bod in de loop van deze training die twee weken duurt.

A hotelbutler delivers a personal service in a discreet and subtle way. He is always focused on providing guests an extremely comfortable stay. The training for hotel butlers deals with all aspects of this demanding job. No less than 150 themes will be covered in the course of this training that lasts two weeks.

You will be trained to handle all guests with care, from arrival to departure, without imposing yourself. The required attention to detail and the ability to anticipate the needs of the guests are a crucial part of the curriculum.

It is not possible to list all 150 items of the program here, but on the agenda include butler standards, communication skills, personal development, etiquette and manners, anticipation, operation, wardrobe management, wines and spirits.

During the course for hotel butler, the following dress codes apply to all participants:

  • Dark gray (anthracite) costume. It is possible to purchase this via the school.
  • Black stockings
  • Black leather belt (optional)
  • White shirt with double cuff (men) or blouse (ladies)
  • Black Oxford shoes (men) or stylish shoes with heels (max 4 cm)

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VIP & Butler Services offers you an exclusive contract if you complete the theoretical course + hotel butler training + physical butler training.

Type: theory + practice
Duration: 2 weeks
Certificate: Yes
Investment: € 2,990 (excl. VAT)

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